Tired of waiting on your Florida Title Search?

We provide Florida Title Search products to Title Agents, Attorneys and Lenders across the United States just like you that are fed up with the poor communication and customer service that so many Florida search companies provide.

Maybe it’s time you used a company that understands your needs...

We’re just like you. After 15 years in the title business we were still shocked at the lack of customer service for Florida Title Searches. Phone calls that didn’t get returned, broken was almost like they didn’t want our business! So we created All Florida Search and Abstract, a Florida Title Search    Company that focuses on helping you get the job done.

Florida Title Search Services:

  • Owner and Encumbrance Report
  • Bring Down Report/Update
  • 30-year Florida Title Search Report
  • Search Report in Commitment Format
  • Document Retrieval
  • Searches within 24-48 hours
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